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!Wish Sky Lanterns

These magical lanterns are for real!

These airborne paper lanterns traditionally found in some Asian cultures, are now the latest craze in weddings and parties — a more environmentally friendly and more economical alternative to fireworks.

Wish Lanterns for Good luck!

Also called Khoom Loy, the sky lantern’s origins began in Thailand. During the Loy Kratong in Chiang Mai, Thailand, lovers and partners gather in the riverbank and release lanterns together. It is considered as good luck to release these lighted paper crafts with belief and bad-luck, problems and worries will fly away with lanterns.

Environmentally Friendly!

These metal free environmentally friendly paper lanterns look stunning when release in to the night sky and are pefect for creating a fabulous spectacle at a wedding party. Powered by an attached fuel cell which is very safe to use, the lanterns are 100% bio-degradable.

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NEW assorted shapes and colors ARE now available!

!Wish Lantern Classic (Our High-Flying Lanterns!)
!Wish Lantern Classic
Dimension: 48*70cm
Diamond Shaped Lanterns
Dimension: 38*70*95cm
oval shaped lantersOval Shaped Lanterns 2
Dimension: 38*58*102cm
Heart Shaped LanternsHeart Shaped Lanters 2Dimension: 38*70*102cm
Color Options:
Available Colors
(White, Red, Purple, Green, Blue, Orange, Pink, Yellow)
* 17g double copy fire-resistant rice paper
* 100% environment friendly white fuel
*Can burn 7-9 minutes


Light me-up Balloons 

Bright Flashing led balloons create a beautiful lighting effect for any occasion. (40cm x 40cm)

Led Lighted Party BalloonsLed Lighted Balloonsblowing Led Lighted Balloons

Luminaire Candle Bags

Illuminate your parties and events with these lovely fire-resistant candle bags!

Light the floor or light your tables with these simple yet economical party decoration ideas!

Tealight/candle not included. 

All Stars

All Stars Luminaire Candle Bags All Stars Luminaire Candle Bags

(red and white)

Dragon Fly

Dragon Fly Candle Bags


Sun Burst Candle Bags

Love Doves

Love Doves Candle Bags

Color Options:
(Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink, Orange)

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