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How to use the wish sky lanterns and safety reminders

How to use Wish Sky Lanterns Safety Reminders

How to use Wish Sky Lanterns with illustrations

Safety Reminders

Please take time to read and follow these safety instructions:

  • Always keep water or fire extinguishers nearby.
  • Children in the launch area must be kept under supervision at all times.
  • No persons under the influence of alcohol should be involved in the handling or igniting of the lanterns.
  • Ensure that the wind is not stronger than 5 mph.
  • Unpack lanterns in a safe environment, away from any sources of ignition.
  • Take care not to tear the delicate paper.
  • Never use near roads, dry standing crops, or in places where they may be misinterpreted as a distress signal.
  • Remember that each lantern is quite large, is a potential fire hazard, and has
  • to land somewhere.
  • It is the responsibility of the fire lighter to use the product safely instructions.
  • Do not release within 5 miles of an airport.
  • Ensure that trees or power lines are not in the flight path.
  • Ensure that the flight path is clear and lanterns will not drift into buildings.
  • Sky lanterns are for outdoor use only and are no toys. They should be kept away from children at all times.

How to Use your !Wish Sky Lanterns

The most important point to remember when releasing your lanterns is to have fun and be safe! Please follow our release instructions below to enjoy your lanterns fully.

  1. A minimum of two adults are required to light and release a sky lantern.
  2. Take out the folded sky lanterns carefully from the plastic wrapping, being very careful not to tear or rip the delicate paper. If the lantern is damaged in any way, do not use it.
  3. If you wish to write on the lantern, do so before lighting and only use a felt tip pen. Be careful not to damage the lantern.Do not tie or add anything to the lantern.
  4. Before lighting the lantern, hold it by the bamboo rim and gently fill the lantern with air to expand it fully and remove the creases in the tissue paper.
  5. To light the lantern, hold it by the top and the bamboo rim whilst another person lights the wick by holding a naked flame against it for a few seconds.


  6. The lantern will be filled with hot air from the lit wick and will be ready to be released within approximately 60 seconds.
  7. Hold the lantern by the bamboo rim until the lantern is full of hot air and is ready to float gently into the sky. An early release may cause the lantern to fall to the ground and cause fire.

!Wish Sky Lantern Release Instructions

Sky Lanterns Instructions Step 1

Carefully open out the Sky Lantern and expand it to its full size.

Sky Lanterns Instructions Step 2

Remove the Fuel cell from its packaging and attach the 4 wires to the wires under the Sky Lantern.

Sky Lanterns Instruction Step 3

Open the Sky Lantern out and hold it upright. Light the Fuel Cell in several places to ensure an even burn. Be careful not to let the flame touch the paper.

Sky Lanterns Instructions Step 4

The Fuel Cell should be left to burn until the Sky Lantern has filled sufficiently with hot air. When it is ready to fly, it will want to pull out of your hands (30-40 seconds). Release the Sky Lantern with two hands, while making a wish – look up, admire and enjoy!

Congratulations!!!! Now you know how to safely use the sky lanterns! Always remember that safety comes first. It’s time to enjoy the amazing sky lanterns!

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